Friday, August 19, 2011

HodgePodge Friday & Relfections

So I just linked my Back 2 School Pencil Bucket to Hodgpodge Friday HERE so check it out as well as some other REALLY cool stuff!

So I have some confessions to make - not for your sake but for my memory keeping. Lately, I have been:

* less organized than I normally am - not cool!

*obsessed with very little - which is a break for my OCD!

*working hard not to drown. These are pictures of my little swim practice last Saturday in Sarasota. Ilooked pretty confident here. I was setting my watch (at least I thought I was) and quite oblivious to the size of these waves. Now I know they don't look too big here but if you really study them I was only knee deep here and they are rolling a fair bit.
*This was me approximately 15 min later. Thinking "Dear Lord, please just let my feet touch the ground. For a non-natural-swimmer, feet not touching the ground is quite frightening. I am sure I made some promise about never doing this again if I survived. Seriously, the most afraid I have been for my life in a VERY long time, maybe ever.

* not in the best of moods which has resulted in some unseemly behavior - sorry to all involved there. Being out of control of things tends to do that to one previously admitted OCD kinda girl.

*ready for a schedule! Today that is in sight - just days away actually and I am feeling a bit brighter and energized this morning. I am sure you are glad to hear that - hee hee!

Just keeping it real folks! Hope you have a great weekend =)

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