Monday, August 22, 2011

It's in the Air -

the excitement.

the anticipation.

School began today - what will this year hold? Only our Father in Heaven knows.

But we are excited! We have GREAT teachers and some "normalcy" is returning.

On a real recent post I posted the pic of the pencil bucket I made. Once I saw it finished, I knew I had to make it a partner. Here is the bucket for the sad, sad pencils that are awaiting their turn at the sharpener. Not as decorated (on purpose since it's "the dull group" - get it!

The crafty spirit is also in the air. Here is the room sign I made for my niece who began her first day of teaching the first grade. Her theme is surfing so here's what I made for her. I LOVE the paper dolls. I left the face blank on purpose. This is a simple 12X12 scrapbook layout frame. I made the layout and then just placed it in the frame. - simple, huh? I stapled ribbon to the back of the frame so she can hang it on her door.

So, the air is changing our here for sure. Excitement, nerves, reflection, anticipation, and tons of other emotions that may or may not appear in future blogs.

Hope your first day back to school was AMAZING - ours was celebrated with a cupcake from One Hot Cupcake - PB&J (for the teacher) , Nilla Pudding, White Trash, and Cappucino. A sweet ending:)

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