Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring cookies and climbing a tree (retold)

Nope, not crazy - just WAY behind on blogging and hate to overwhelm you in one layout with like 50 pics. Here are some I didn't post about when Taylor spend the night during Spring Break. We made cookies (well I made and then they decorated) I was so happy to have had bunny rabbits and some gel and sprinkles. Taylor was very clear on her color palette. I will save you the play-by-play but here are Abbi's finished bunnies.

They enjoyed themselves and for the most part they still resembled bunnies when it was all over.

Here they enjoyed a "pushie ride" (Braden's term from when he was small) Involves big kids pulling the little ones on the hard wood. LOTS of laughs!

Followed by a fun game of hide and seek. I don't usually recommend this in the house but the kids did great with it. I loved that Taylor didn't peek and was just so patient with her counting.

Here is one of Daddy helping her up the tree. He was so careful and was worried she would fall. Scraped his foot pretty bad trying to get down before she made her way down.

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

Dear Family - hope you enjoyed these!

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