Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yeah - two days in a row (but don't get used to it!) Just kidding - I am however getting into a groove again after the ridiculousness that last Saturday was - more on that in another post! About a month or so ago, I decided I was finally gonna do a fashion remake on one of Abbi's dresses. Now please imagine that I took this picture prior to actually cutting the dress. I measured how much length I needed based on her height. She is tall and it is super hard to find things that are long enough without being ridiculously big all over (must be liking the word ridiculous about now) So I measured that length and added a couple inches for the waist seam/elastic, etc. Folded it over, made a pocket, inserted elastic and..... Wala! A new skirt for Sunday. She got a new white cardigan and tank to go with it and it took this originally fallish dress and made it a skirt! I have to say she was excited and I was pretty proud as well. I hate wasting things! Even used the original tie-backs to make this cute hair rosette!

Sorry the pics are not the best - gonna start a class the next three Mondays to learn how to use MY camera! Woo Hoo - early Mother's Day or Birthday gift for me:)

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