Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Endeavors (and an easy card!) and a sneak peek!

So, this won't surprise most of you, but I am NOT a fry-girl! I have never event attempted fried chicken, the closest thing is a pan saute. But lately I'm trying to be a big girl and take on things that I normally would say "ehh, that's too much work" and try it. So because my dear boy loves fried shrimp I thought I would try this Rachel Ray recipe. Cast iron skillet and all!

They were dusted with poppy and sesame seeds as well as garlic salt and pepper.

Kinda tasted like a kicked-up version of Captain D's. Cornbread wasn't too great - no flavor even with added cheese - neede some jalapenos. But the rest was a huge hit and they can't wait to do it again.

And an easy card - white base, three varying sizes of circles, and a sentiment. This went to my niece who had a sweet boy in January - Eli.

WARNING: Total Cuteness Alert - if you can't handle cute - close this out now!
Taylor got to spend the night since it is Spring Break (for my kiddos at least!) and poor Tori had to stay home cause she had "diarina" (diahrrea for the rest of us) and vomitting -poor thing!
When Daddy came to pick Taylor up, it took Tori a bit to warm up and she still kept saying "i don't want a picture!" but Aunt Stacey snuck a couple in anyway. Here is my fav - LOVE that face!

Taylor just couldn't stand being a by-stander as Braden climbed the tree - before you know it there were three monkey's in the tree at once - I'll make you wait til next post to see which ones those were!

Moral - don't be afraid to try something new - you just might like it! Happy Tuesday:)

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