Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, I make cards because I love to do it! It's a quick, creative burst that let's my friends know "She really cares enough!" Whatever enough is? Anyway, So this one was for the kid's friends birthday a few weeks back. Cute, with layers, and some rub-ons and Thickers (who doesn't love thickers?) and if I love ya enough to use them on your card - then I love ya! Ha Ha!

This however is a very distant secondary reason for making cards - $8.04! REALLY?!?! YES!!! I meant to make a card, time got away (very seriously away from me!) and so on the way to a party on Saturday I asked David to pick up the card I almost bought Friday night and decided I would make one. So I sent him in after it - when he came out he said "You really should make your own cards! I had no idea it was $8 or I never would've told him to get that one! Anywho - hope you are inspired to save $ and use "old" stash to make your next card.

Happy Tuesday!

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