Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost 2 Weeks...Really????

So I didn't realize it had been TWO weeks - was thinking more like one or so - sorry!

I have worked at the school in the first grade everyday this last week and just getting used to that is quite an exhausting task - Love the kids but man it is hard to be with 18 all day long and then come home to three of my own with very much patience at all - gotta work on that.

On to more exciting (and cute) things - our first grade won a field trip and chose Rock-it Lanes. Super cute to have 60 or so 6 year olds bowling and skating.

Here is my man and his friend Zachary - can't have the pics without the bunny ears right?

Look how much fun she was having - she is our neighbor and Braden's new best friend.

And these little prisses in the making are just too much. Poor Abby is about to throw out her hip in that pose and the one with the yellow headband has captured Braden's little heart - she is Alli. I think she may show up somwhere on this blog in times to come.

Hope to be back tomorrow with some crafty stuff. Have a great week!

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