Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall - yep, it's just about to pass me by!

so I am gonna schedule another post just so it won't be forever before I do this again. I do feel like life is passing me by. Subbing, PTO'ing, Wed. nite class, wife-ing, and mothering, whew, I can barely keep my head above water - if you see tiny bubbles, come in after me!

I don't have my fall decor out because I hate doing it before Halloween because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was celebrating that - so, this little arrangement (and my ribbon wreath) are the only real signs of fall at our house. I hope to change that this weekend which almost seems worthless and I should just skip to the Christmas ones! I used large waltnuts and other assorted nuts for filler because I kinda get tired of the rocks or the marbles or whatever else we always put in there.

Another sign of fall is canned food drives - they are wonderful teachers to our children. We pray they will always realize how blessed they are and here's what mine decided to do. The school is doing a food drive. they have asked for like 20 cans EACH nearly EVERY day. I told them we would need a food drive if they kept that up. Their idea ... panhandle the neighborhood for cans. So with wagon in tow (and a sheet of paper to keep track of donations) they proceeded. I was proud of them for their willingness to get "cans for the needy" and they came back with just over 20 items. If you're counting that's 7 more each to take to school tomorrow. Teachable moments!

And one random that David and I just loved. We couldn't find Mason, called and called but no answer. When David finally looked out the back, there he was, READING, comfortably with dog in tow - some days you just see that you will survive and that he has the potential inside him to be an AMAZING man.

Hope this will feed your need of photos for my kiddos until next time. Probably not tomorrow but soon.

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