Friday, November 19, 2010

Where we've been- (if you were wondering)

We (I mean me) have been over our head! I think maybe the Lord is using this to teach me to be a "one-day-at-a-time" kinda girl. I am such a planner but right it's coming at me so fast I can't hardly breathe. We have had canned food drives, Thanksgiving lunches, piano recitals to practice for, soccer tournaments, and the lists go on - I know you have those list too so i'm not saying mine is busier than yours, just busier than mine has EVER been.

My kids drive me crazy but in the same breath, keep me laughing so I don't literally go crazy. Thought I'd share this with you. The other day while David was working, Mason came and asked if they could give Abbi a pedicure. huh? yeah, i guess, where? in your bedroom, NO, but in my bathroom I said. A few minutes later I had the "wisdom" to take a photo - this is what I found:

They are all clearly enjoying themselves - Abbi, of course. I say, "why r u doing this?" just wondering what promptly such a lovely gesture. They say, "she's gonna buy us something at Disney World" ahh, the real motive is revealed! (hint* another reason why I'm crazy is that I have to pack for FIVE people to go to Disney for six days just three days after Thanksgiving and trying to figure out when to shop for Christmas, decorate my house, and put up a tree!)
Another place we were pleased to go (though it took up a bit of our Saturday) was a 3V3 tournament Abbi was asked to play in. She loved it (except when she lost of course) but it was great experience - she got to play along side of the traveling team girls and learn a new version of soccer - pretty cool!
I keep saying I hope to be to normal real soon but that ain't happening - probably never - which means I need a new reality. i want to scrap but absolutely don't have the time. the fabric i bought to make thanksgiving placements is still sitting on the table neatly folded like the fabric lady folded it. fortunately thanksgiving is at the in-laws so no one will miss them!
just a glimpse of where we've been! happy weekend:)

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