Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miracle Strip Reborn!

So, it's not that we went there alot when I was a child - we had no extra $ - we did go occasionally when relatives or friends took us. So what is totally cool is that now my children are able to enjoy a few pieces of this Panhandle History.

We went on Veteran's Day for a bit with the cousins and here are some shots of the day:

Taylor loved this obviously:)

Boys are trying to figure out how it works - no surpirse here.

Aunt Melissa and the girlies.

Justin waving to our adoring fans.

Abbi chasing Tori - this is probably my fav foto of the day:)

Please take me to Vera Bradly? No, why not? Please???

The sweet smile after Aunt Melissa said they wouldn't leave without a Vera Bradley stop. R.O.T.T.E.N!

The family pyramid - I try this everytime and sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't.

The future inhabitant of the Butterfly Pavilion.

Taylor being brave and checking it all out.

so sorry some of my pics are grainy - I think I have determined it is the cheapo memory card I had to buy "on the fly" recently when I left my other one at home. Hope you enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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