Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No crafty - just crazy fun!

So, I'm a bit frustrated with my crafty motivation lately - not the ideas - just the desire to execute. Everything seems to be more important at the moment - even if it actually isn't. Even wound up not getting the "Thank You" cards done for my children's teachers - at least they weren't expecting them!

Looking forward to a few days off work but here is a flashback of the last few hours & days!

A trip to The Swamp to see the Mighty Gators play - they were at least mighty for one day! Which was all I could ask for my little girl. I surprised her with the Tebow Jersey as an early birthday present so she could wear it to the game - she was pretty excited and clearly ready to get the show on the road as exhibited here where she left us grown-ups in the dust.

Pre-game pose - thanks Aunt Teresa!

Post game exhaustion - poor girl was feeling so bad she slept through part of the 3/4th qtr. You know she's sick when she can sleep in a stadium filled with 90,000 of your best friends!

So today was a 1/2 day which at most schools are useless - NOT at DPES! We used it to bond as a family and I mean that. It was teachers vs. kids in a kickball game - SUPER FUN! Tho Mr. Willis is in this shot Mason scored a run - those are his legs bent backwards as he slid into home plate. This was such a fun experience for everybody. Teachers won by a single point but that's o.k. - I hear a rematch is brewing for the 1/2 day before Christmas:)

I think Abbi has the classic runner's stride - wonder if track might be in her future?

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and are able to take a look back over the year and see your many blessings - even in the midst of crazy, busy, hectic lives, we surely are a blessed people!

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