Saturday, November 27, 2010

We did it!

We got the tree up and decorated before leaving for vacation - WHEW! I wondered if we could and we did. Here is a little run down of how this worked this time in our house:

Mama went for a run early with Aunt Melissa while Daddy put the tree up - he is clearly more efficient in that dept. than me.

However, I then spent what felt like a solid hour "fluffing" the parts that had been smushed from being in a box for 11 months or so. While I'm doing this I'm listening to Christmas music as well as the "music" children make when you're not moving fast enough for their liking - they were sooo anxious to help but weren't interested at all in the fluffing.

Here is glimpse of one of my fav ornaments - it sparkles so well in the night with just the tree lights on.

The front of the tree is clearly decorated more heavily by 9 and 6 yr olds. They didn't quite understand that the whole tree must be decorated as close to evenly as possible.

Abbi was distracted thankfully when we remembered they had their own tree with their own ornaments - sweet!

This little guys tells us that "God is really happy with us because we put out alot of decorations to celebrate His birthday!" Love the way he thinks.

The almost final product as we need a new topper - star or angel - not sure yet.

Thanks for looking and I hope your Holidays were Thankful and Bright!

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