Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribute to "Tator Bug"

So as most of you know, we recently celebrated Taylor's (left) 4th Birthday. She is such a sweet girl - sometime she's moody like her daddy - hee hee! - but she has a great heart, she's a big helper and we just LOVE her.

She started her "party day" by watching Abbi & Mason play soccer. It wasn't a very exciting game - felt bad for them - final score was 0-0. But I think they still had fun playing around. Here they are walking our way and I couldn't resist this sweet photo op!

Here is another cute one - I love how Taylor's eyes are "squinched" trying to really concentrate on what Braden is showing her.

Here she is opening "our" present. I made her a matching skirt like I did Abbi a few weeks back - but added a little t-shirt with her initial on it. She wore it the next day and was totally cute! Of course!!!

The most fun thing at Pump-it-Up is this slide - can't you tell?

A quick shot of the cousins~

I didn't buy her this toy - but man I wish I would've! I love how much she loved it and I love thinking of the fun my brother will have listening to her enjoy it - life is SWEET!

And I guess this is how you feel when you don't get to sit in the big chair and eat your cake!

Taylor we love you and can't believe how quickly you're growing. You are the sweetest little girl!!!

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  1. I cant believe how big she is getting! I cant wait for my 16th birthday party there... it is supposed to kind of be a joke but I cant wait!