Monday, October 18, 2010

My Life in Lists . . .

Any one else ever feel this way? Your life can be defined by one HUGE list. Mine always feels like an ever evolving "to do" list but the other day while in Books-a-Million I ran across these two "books" which I think will be appearing on my Christmas List somewhere.

One of the greatest reasons I scrapbook is for history. I do not keep a diary/journal well at all - I have the best intentions but those quickly go out the window each evening when sleep calls just a bit louder. I have tried so many times it is just ridiculous. However, I thought these books would be cool. I could even rip them out and make a scrapbook page with them if time allowed and desire hit me (surely it would at some point)

The one on the right was a bit more exhaustive but it was such a cute "journal" of lists. Two really great things in one that didn't require them to be done chronologically (which most of you know is a must around here!) and would be a glimpse into my heart/mind right now.

So to leave you today (since there isn't a crafty thing to show 'cause I made two cards this weekend, neither of which go their picture taken - ugh!) with this phrase:

"A Clean House is a sign of a Wasted Life!" I must be living it up then:) Happy Monday!

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