Monday, April 26, 2010

New Things All Around

Love Spring! It makes you see the world new again... like brand new baby girls. I made this card for a couple who recently had a sweet baby girl - hope they treasure every moment with her!

While digging all the vines from my yard (and I use the term all very liberally) I looked up and this caught my eye. I carefully peeked inside to find these eggs. Almost every year we find a nest in the yard (different places) and it's so fun to watch the progress. I hope to get another pic tomorrow to see if anything has popped out. I get so excited!

And the newest hobby is sewing - probably start with some home decor type stuff. Is over the bobbin fear but not real excited about a pattern - more of a free-hand girl myself. This is the camera cover I made today (actually the second one because I cut my seams too short and they "ripped") for myself. The previous post shows the one I made for Melissa. Amazingly I did this one without assistance.

Hope you are having a great moment whether it's morning or night. Thanks for stopping by and tell a friend. :)

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