Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cards & Flowers

So what could be better than a card with some flowers? Today I'm sharing two card ideas that are relatively quick and can use some of the supplies you have on hand - cause we know you got 'em!

First up is one for sweet Tori (who turned TWO this month - unbelievable!) I used a solid cardstock and did a version of a bi-fold for her. The hello cutie is from K&Co as well as the hearts. The cardstock is standard. I just mounted the chipboard sticker to a solid white then double matted with pink. Then I cut a strip of white approx .5 to .75 thick and adhered the ribbon to it. Basically making a sleeve for the bi-fold card.

This is what the the sleeve looks like from the back. The white/ribbon strip was adhered to the back of the chipboard mounting so the back had a smooth look. I added cardstock to the inside along with our Birthday message and then slid the sleeve on.

Another perspective. Here you can see how the strip is adhered.

Here is a quick "standard" card for my hair-dresser who recently got married. She got married on the beach so I thought the teal/blue was fitting. A little bling never hurts either!

Now to the flowers - I know you think the pic is messed up but really, it is that orange/flourescent almost. Really pretty!

Here is a bouquet for my mantle - at some point the thorns become worth it and the first clipping of the year is surely that time. Love fresh flowers in the house!

Here is the Spartan Iris that we just planted last week but is blooming already - the kids think it's cool how fast that happens (and actually, I do too.)

We've been kinda busy but I do have more activity shots for ya but thought you might like something creative today. Hope to be back tomorrow - until then, enjoy every minute!

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