Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We go on some "Wild Adventures"

WARNING: there are ALOT of pics here but I wanted to get it done in one post and hopefully (PLEASE, LORD PLEASE) get some scrappy stuff done today (along with lesson plans, piano lessons, and soccer practice!) Anyway, the first few days of Spring Break we went to Wild Adventures with some friends of ours... we had alot of fun so see for yourself. Some of these will just crack you UP!

David trying to explain what the ride will do - little did he know we hadn't watched the ride and it was quite the "spinny" ride - so glad I didn't do that one!

This is just before he took off on the formerly titled Double Shot. He wasn't scared and rode it four times in a row so I'm not sure what this moment of reflection was about but glad I got it on "film"

Can't forget the "silly face picture"

It's so fun watching them - the anticipation is the worst part. LOVE that face!

These next two are classics to my children - he's staring up trying to figure out why his car won't work like it's supposed to.....

She waits impatiently with NO CLUE why his car won't work! The story of their lives.

O.K. - this is David's fav of the trip. I snuck my camera onto the little roller coaster to try and get a close-up of his face - I think it worked.

For some reason on Day Two he was convinced it was his day to volunteer at the petting zoo. He was VERY serious about it and said we could just drop him off and come back later. Uh, NO WAY! He brushed every animal in the place and finally decided on his own to leave - apparently his shift was over! If you could've only seen how serious he was about this.

The LONG, LONG, LONG awaited turn on the go-carts.

Just "hangin' out" I love how casual she looks just spinning around so high in the air without a care in the world.

Well, that's all (not really but I don't you don't want to see ALL of them) so I'm off to do some work, some scrappy stuff, and whatever else needs to be done in the meantime. Hope you have a great day!

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