Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anticipating the Future?!?

O.k. - so I must be honest. The transition from 5 yrs old to 6 is very difficult for me. Somehow 5 is still "baby-ish" to me. Six somehow seems grown - instantly! I know that's not the case but it just seems that way to me. Braden turns 6 tomorrow and my heart is full of Mommy angst. He is my heart in so many ways - he is smart, cute, silly but so sweet at the same time. Last night on the way to church (after a while of making & addressing his birthday invitations) he said out of the blue "Mommy, I love you." I said (of course) I love you too. Then I asked what made him say that right now - he said: "Because you wrote all the names on my invitations. He actually realizes that things that take, that he needs to be grateful - no small wonder in this world.

Anyway, I am sad. Not because I really want the diapers, 2 am wake-up calls, or God knows I don't want to potty train again (this jewel ruined me on that one) but I love the cuddles, the reaching for my hand, and in a weird way, the needing. These pics from our vacation nearly two years ago surely didn't help either.

Could he be any more excited? NO!!! His face never hides a thing (he gets that honestly), happy or sad, mad or scared, it always shows.

He really makes the best expressions! Did you see, did you watch me, wasnt that cool!

Just love this little man and pray the Lord helps me enjoy the next phase as much as I have this one! Thanks for stopping by and "listening" to me blubber! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Time flies with those you love...he does have the best expressions. All you have to do is wach him for a few moments to know how he feels...Know what he is thinking??? Never, not with comments like the "eagles neck" popping out!!!! Love Teresa