Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Phase 2 & 3

Phase 2 - we missed photographing this one but it consisted of a small bottle of Bath & Body works hand lotion and the tag tied with a pretty ribbon read " You are SCENT-sational"

Phase 3 - is pictured here. Simply a package of Swedish Fish - wrapped with "spare" cardstock, label attached and ready to go for tomorrow. This doesn't take but a second and only a few dollars! Make your teacher feel appreciated with even the smallest things!

And on a personal note - there are days when we think we miss the mark entirely with our children and then there are Monday nights. Last night while trying to prepare the pool deck for the impending weather I commented I needed some kind of basket to put the roses in as I cut them before I brought them into the house for a container. This is where my daughter took that idea.

She guided me to the back porch and here's what I saw.. Rose petals guiding the way ....

To her "basket" for me to carry my flowers. She added the ribbon herself, filled it with water and a few roses and labeled it Happy Mother's Day ... maybe, just maybe, we are teaching thoughtfulness...and maybe, just maybe, they are getting it. So sweet, I cried!

And a quick shot of the bird nest progress, apprently one egg either isn't going to hatch or is just a bit slow - I wouldn't want to come out either in all this nasty weather.

Have a happy day!

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