Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza!!!

So, I had a sappy birthday post already so we won't go there again!

This little booger had a birthday last Friday and we were in the mood for something special. I thought I would offer him Birthday Cake for breakfast - he said "No, I want fowr pancakes stacked on top of each othewr with lots of serwup" So, that it was - Breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Mom and Dad didn't complain either!

Here is the only crafty thing in this post - his birthday invitation. Simple but effective. I am aware there is a grammatical error but it was WAY TOO late to reprint them so we just went with it. Just wanted you to know that I know.

After breakfast we went to Big Kahuna's for the day - the weather held out and we had a blast.

David said Mason did well .....

For a while....

but eventually - you must eat! We took a break and went to the car and ate the picnic lunch we packed. YUMMY!

Abbi - not so much.

Goofballs :)

After Big Kahuna's we went to eat at the Crab Trap with requires some time in the sand/water.

She tried my gumbo. Love the way those eyes are looking at me.

Maybe we do look alike?

And ended the perfect day with blueberry ice cream.

Man I love this kid - think the birthday trip was a success. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed the trip.

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