Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Blink - You Might Miss It!

I'm having a Martha Moment - actually it's more like a few weeks - and I hope it lasts longer!

For their first breakfast on the first day of summer: homemade bananas foster french toast! It was messy but YUMMY! Here you can see the evidence (Abbi's new term) of the work involved but man was it good. Still working on how to get the bread "un-mushy" in the middle when using french bread - if you know that trick - let me know! Amy - I'm thinking of you here.

Here is the finished product - not for the Happy Hungry Healthy blog but certainly for the tasty part.

And another "Martha" phase - we are expanding our sewing. By we, I mean me, with a big cheering crowd behind me. Abbi said: "Mama, it doesn't even look homemade!" I told her that was what I was going for - kinda excited about all the endless possibilities for sewing.

Here's a close-up/side view: a tiny little stitching "error" but hoping it isn't noticable unless you are looking for it. I am imagining this with a cute pair of brown cords for the fall - Ahhh!

Hope you have a blessed day and are inspired to do something, anything, creative!

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