Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Card to Inspire

I know it's a few days early but maybe this will jumpstart your creative processes. We, however, are celebrating tonight since we will be out of town on the weekend of Father's Day. I never want to take my "fathers" for granted, especially my Heavenly Father! I am so blessed to have such great men in my life - it wasn't always that way - and I want them to know it!

Here is the card I made for my Dad, David's is still in processing.

I love it when two hobbies merge into one - I sewed the tie on (and saved on adhesive at the same time.) Hope you enjoy this.
Blogging may be a bit slim over the next 10 days - probably nothing crafty but a bunch of fun stuff from our vacation (if the computer will work right?!?)
Happy Tuesday!

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