Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Off & We're Out :)

Please won't you travel along with us on our vacay recap? I promise it will be an adventure:)

Here is Abbi as we are off on our first flight from the new airport - Southwest was great!

See Abbi as she sits blankly staring into space while waiting for connecting flights. She doesn't seem to care where she sits or how it might appear to passers-by. Gotta work on the "lady-like" factor for sure!

See the authentic "mexican mama's" as they created our tortilla's from scratch before our very eyes - quite nice and the food at the Old Town Mexican cafe - MUY BIEN!

Discover what happens to two little boys who go ALL DAY LONG and then are made to sit quietly in a small car. Peace, pure joy for mama and daddy.

Come back tomorrow for more of our San Diego Adventure - water and lots of splashes of fun!

On a creative note: I began playing with my JBS goodies and boy is it fun! Here is a pic from Spring 2009 when we took Taylor to the park after a soccer game. I forgot how cute that little haircut once was now that is is so long and luxurious - adorable;) Love how they play together and praying for even closer bonds as the years go by.

Here the paper didn't have this edge but I created it by using my hole puncher and just not punching over the entire piece of paper. Worked well I thought.

Thanks for looking have happy evening. I am going to spend mine at Braden's first basketball game to be followed by dinner with David's sister from Alaska and niece from Tennessee (and her two little jewels) should be a BLAST! C U Tomorrow!

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