Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Festivities

So this Memorial Day was our thing. All the Legg clan came to our house and made it a fun time. We swam, we shot water guns, we (and by we, I mean everyone but me) played kickball - I was the official photographer, and overall had a really great day.

Kickball only last 10 or 15 min but I think it was the highlight of the day. We started with this GIANT dodgeball type ball.

And following "toenail's" previous kick - wound up with a soccer ball.

Mason was smart and put on his shoes.

While Daddy runs the bases (not sure you can see it but the tongue hanging out cause he's concentrating works even here)

Then it was time for the watermelon - can't have festivities without watermelon! Love how into this Braden is - notice his face is smushed into his to get the last of the "wed Pawt"

He decided to come back out and play a little kickball....

Even Aunt Teresa got in on the action!

It was a FUN time and we are so glad to be free to be able to share these kinds of days together. Thank you all who have had any part - large or small - for our freedom. THANK YOU!!!

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