Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you sitting down?

'cause I'm sure you'll need to be when you actually see a "fresh" layout! I know it has been a while and I am aware this isn't my "best" work but I have been out of the loop and just needed to bite the bullet to get my juices flowing. This was the twins 8th birthday party (see how out of the loop I am?!?)

I was proud of me for coming up with the "splash" water affect with the crystals since we used crystals on the invitation. Cheap and easy way - well, and thickers in this bright blue are amazing too:)

And for a tear jerker ending (hoping you can read some of this) I found this under my pile of "stuff" on my desk. He gave it to me after Mother's Day and it was hectic at school so it must've gotten thrown in with other stuff. Just when you think you're ready to strangle a child - his heart is exposed and your heart swells with even more love. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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