Sunday, April 22, 2012

Him + Me + 15 Years = CANCUN!!!!

So these are TOTALLY not in the order but this is the first time I have posted with the new format and I clearly have a bit to learn...

A few weeks back (feels like forever) David and I were blessed to be able to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in Cancun, Mexico:)

We had such a great time and so much fun stuff to do - and the people were so nice!

Here is the ancient city of Coba and the Mayan Ruins - I made it to the top (120 very steep steps) while David decided to rest it at step #50 :(  I tried hard to get him to continue but his lack of desire and fear of heights were too much to over come.

One of the days we took a ferry to La Isla Las Mujeres - I think that translates to Island of the Women.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  We rented a golf cart and toured pretty much the whole island.  We found a great spot for lunch, some swimming (David even got a little massage on the beach) and then it was off again.

I loved all the old boats with the outboard motors - tried to get the shot without them visible but it was tough.

Here was the view looking up to the top of the ruins - again, not in order but a cool shot none the less.

The total climb - 120 steps

A pleasant dinner by the lagoon - I have a cool photo of an evening before this where a crocodile spends his evenings - assuming he is waiting for handouts - they fed him and he put on quite a show - this would NEVER have happened in America!!

The view of the water - I thought this was a great shot - no bragging just loved the aqua and red in the same shot - it was red flag all week so not alot of swimming here but a great view!
 Here is our happy photo on the evening of our "real" anniversary.  I couldn't have asked for a better fit to spend the rest of my life with.
Hope you have a great week and enjoy this amazing weather - who knew???

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