Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Card - Version #1 (sorta)

I just LOVE Valentines but am beginning to feel like the northerners right now - instead of snow, I'm covered up with Valentines! These are our "family" valentines. I didn't do Christmas cards on purpose because they usually get lost in the shuffle (at least that's my opinion.) So, for the last few years I've sent Valentines to all the people on our "Christmas Card List" There are several different color palattes but this is the one I photographed (since the others had already lovingly been put in envelopes by my mother.) I tried to get several shots so you could see the whole thing.

Of course, my three sweet loves!

Here is the side view - it's kinda like a bi-fold turned sideways. I was inspired by a card on the blog for cardmaking day.

These cards were sent to those who aren't "involved in our day to day lives" so I included the photos on the front and a family letter on the inside.
Hope you're having fun with Valentines Day - I sure am!

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