Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Leftovers - yummy :)

So I finished my customer's work so it's back to my "own" stuff - yeah!!!! I didn't post these valentine things because I didn't want to spoil the surprise in the mail before hand so here are my Valentine's Cards for the "locals" as I lovinly refer to them. (The other version with the family letter was for those who don't already know our daily stuff.)

Anyway, I fell in LOVE with the turqoise and red ribbon so I matched the cardstock to the red and went from there. I am really enjoying making cards and therefore stamps are more frequently on my "to buy" list. I found this one and thought it would be perfect for LOVE day.

Here is the inside with the wording that I am so proud of - I love it when these things come together so quickly in my own head and I don't have to "waste" time on the internet looking for something cute to say.

There are the school valentines we made (not sure if I shared this or not yet) These are Mason's because being the logical child that he is - they needed to look like real life owls. The pixie stick is supposed to be their branch and the inside says "I'll OWL-ways be your Valentine!" Super Cute we all thought.

On to our personal celebration! It is so rare that we get to spend a night at home without any children - thanks to my dear friend Christi for handling that. We grilled filets, baked potatos, and salads. Sat by the fire (like when we were newly weds without the fear of something being knocked over!) and enjoyed the opening ceremonies in peace and quiet and then watched a movie. It was the perfect quiet celebration.

Hopefully, I'll have some pages to share tomorrow so come back soon!

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