Monday, March 1, 2010

Productive = Busy Weekend . . .

So around here it was pretty busy - Friday night the kids had a little company for a bit - actually played well together except for one little outburst "Mommy, he's bossing me around. And it's not even HIS house!" I find this hilarious - as the little ones already have territory issues. It just cracks me up! Also, a sweet little thing Braden said "Mommy, can you pick us up?" I said, "From where?" He said, "No, I mean can you pick me up yet?" Following my recent surgery I haven't been able to pick him up and hold him (he can sit in my lap but that's just not the same and we all know it) I think it's so sweet that he misses it and seems to be desperate for me to be to that point again (to tell the truth, Mommy is too)

Saturday AM was FILLED with very COLD soccer clinic - did I mention it was three hours LONG? In case I didn't, it was THREE HOURS LONG!!! We did take a short ride to Starbucks (Braden and I while the twins were in clinic) We haven't ever been there together and I haven't been in over a year or so. My point is - it was his first experience with that place. We ordered kids hot choc. and the lady offered a sample of marble bread - he exclaimed from the back seat " I LOVE YOU STARBUCKS!" I knew he was special!

Saturday night was date night (which included a trip to church) in which my husband was feeling sweet and actually we sat on the same side of the table at our chosen restaurant. Was kinda nice:)

Somewhere in the midst of all this, I did some scrappy stuff and am pretty happy with it. When you see some of the work being done in the scrapbook community you can have a tendency to constantly scrutinize, but in the end, I was happy and I hop you enjoy it too.

I did one of those crumpled up paper rose things likes to do and I think I like it - not sure what will happen to it when it's in a book one day but it looks pretty now. (Lisa - see I spared you from the orange hat shot!) This was my birthday weekend in 2008 - fun times!

This was of my hubby and how we have been so blessed to get to travel SOO much! Truth be told - I would follow him "to the ENDS of the EARTH" and kinda have already - hee hee!

This is the shot for the journaling on the inside - didn't figure everyone need to read all that stuff!

My sweet baby girl at eight - she's growing sooo fast!

Hope you have a FANTASTIC DAY ;)

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