Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All worth it!

So this face makes it all worth it! I am so hooked on soccer - it's almost unbelievable! She is so great and really shows her personality on that field. Leaves nothing behind! Gotta love that about her.

We had our first game last night and we won 3-1 (not that anyone is keeping score - ha - try telling the kids that!) I was a bit anxious as one of our old teammates who is amazing - great footwork! - was on the opposing team and scored in like two seconds. But then we turned it on and in the end - it was great! Even if we had lost it would've been great - Mason is playing on the same team and he hustled so much - amazingly proud of him!

Half-time pep talk - GO USA (teams are named after countries this year ...neat!)

And then there's this handsome fella - no uniform shirts yet but he is loving soccer, doing well, and really actually paying attention. and looks super cute in his outfit!

Here he's checkin' out his boo-boo ( a minor lapse in paying attention!) What can ya say, he's five.

Sorry about the bad photos - they apprently didn't think we needed lights to play and then the motion. Clearly I need a lesson on my camera for night time shots. At least the rest are daytime. Here he got to do the throw in - a VERY BIG deal.

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