Thursday, December 31, 2009

Without the Perfect Photo ~

So I don't normally post without a photo - sorta seems pointless. However, I've heard you can print your blogs out and make a little book out of them so this seemed a great way to get my thoughts down for this time of year.


for my salvation.
the Holy Spirit.
the truth that permeates our beings.

for my amazing husband whom God so clearly sent my way.
for my amazing children - whom I love dearly but can in the same breath drive me CRAZY!
for a home that is safe!
for a home that is our soft spot to fall.

that my children aren't growing up the way I did.
because they have food to eat, clothes to wear and they aren't all handy-me-downs.
that they don't have to wear shoes that hurt their feet.

that I have several "old" friends who still love me even though I'm flawed.
that occasionally a new friend can be worth the effort.
that technology (facebook) can help us stay in contact with them all.

Though some of this may sound petty and maybe even shallow - I believe the Lord knows my heart and that it isn't meant that way at all. I truely and grateful for the blessings in my life. I don't want to be guilty of taking anything for granted and even though everything doesn't fit on this list today, if you are ready this, I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU TOO!

New Years Eve 2009

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