Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random.. & Not So Random

So I'll start by saying this is FULL of pics but since I'm trying to purge, organize, etc. today (in anticipation of my new furniture) I didn't want to do too many posts cause I'm ready to get movin'

I loved this day - amazingly there was no fighting, minimal complaining and an all around day of memory making - love this girl! On a side note, this was in Baytown Wharf in SanDestin and it cost $10 including skate rental - totally worth the drive!!!!

This made David laugh - I kept saying "did he make a silly face?" and David just kept laughing (hard) so when I checked the photos - this was the surprise. He is always trying to be funny - reminds me alot of his Uncle Bryan ( i mean that in the best way possible)

This was just too cute (it isn't coffee) He had to stop every lap for hot chocolate but boy was it good! Starting 'em early on starbucks - hee hee!

Super-sized game of strategery - I loved how Mason wouldn't give up even when he appeared clearly beaten. Abbi wanted to quit but he wouldn't hear of it - gotta love that!

So, if I had been there I would've brushed her hair (Sunday School must've been wild that day) but I am so, soo, soooo proud of her! She played Away in a Manger during the offering time in Children's Church on her 9th Birthday! SO WONDERFUL!

Christmas P.J.'s - our tradition - they knew what they were but were still excited to see what they looked like.

This year we had to leave carrots for the reindeer - Mason thinks of everything!

Christmas night was spent at Bryan and Melissa's house and Ms. Tori was super excited about her pig that Aunt Teresa bought her.

A Florida Soccer ball - no way!

Taylor was excited about her NEMO game for her Leapster.

This was the hit of the night - Grandma bought this toy for Tori that works with the t.v. but also spins and makes horsey noises too - she spun round and round, un-dizzied herself, and started again. Can't you see the wind blowing her hair? TOO CUTE!!!

Well, that's all for now (hope you read this far) Hope you are all having a fantastic day and making those changes today!

Love to you all!!!

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