Monday, December 14, 2009

I love this season.....

of my life! It's been pretty fantastic lately around here and I'm trying to soak it up and enjoy it because as well all know, things are subject to change - without warning. I haven't posted for a while for multiple reasons and I'm trying to get back on track (in alot of ways . . . I ran this morning!) My new computer system makes looking at my pictures a bit difficult and I'm still figuring that out so these are the ones I thought I could share today.....

The Eiffel Tower at night.... (hard to believe we were actually there, staring at THE Eiffel Tower)

The first presents wrapped and under the tree...always a HUGE accomplishment.

The lovely kiddos in their costumes for the church Christmas presentation...I was pretty proud of my little ones. Mason was much calmer than in years past and Abbi did a great job with narration - on a side note, she and her friend Hannah taught their Sunday School class this past Sunday morning - I tear up thinking of how God might use her in the future (all of them actually but that was just amazing)

Braden learned to ride his bike without training wheels while we were gone... sigh!!! I was so sad to hear I had missed that huge milestone but he didn't mind showing me again. I told him I wanted to get the camera and he said "so I can remember it forever?" Mine are finally figuring out why the camera is snapping constantly - Mom's trying to capture this crazy life we lead.

So, I gotta get ready for the work party at our house tonight (probably shouldn't have stopped to blog but I needed a break!) Happy shopping, crafting and time with your families!

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