Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Beautiful Mess :)

This makes me smile! Really, you say? Yes it does. It makes me smile because sometimes we have to make a mess before we can make an organized, beautiful, creative, happy place.

Yesterday I received a "gift" for our home office and had to move everything out in order to put the new "gift" in. So, this is how my dining room looks currently.

More proof that I am willing to live in "brief" chaos in order to achieve long-term happiness.

This is the gnarly mess my husband gets to organize when he returns from his trip - I love you Honey!!! If I didn't, I would've tried to put it together myself - he he!

And without further delay, here is my "gift" Super happy, Pottery Barn inspired, wooden goodness that will one-day help me be a better crafter, scrapper and all-around happier while in this "work" space.

Can't wait to buy all the little pretties to make it mine! (and a little bit his!) Have a happy day everybody.

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