Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Creative~

So let me start by saying the concept was good - execution could use work but not enough time for total perfection (which is of course what I aim for.)

It's the twins party and we are having it at Rocket Lanes (their choice) and so I wanted to make a Roller Skate. Of course, who can do a birthday invitation without a Cricut? No one I know! Anway, I used the boot of Ms. Clause cause it most "resembled" a skate. Then I cut out (with my Cricut of course) 1 " circles in black and placed the grommets/brads in the center. This was a bit tedious because I don't have any tool for this so I had to use my hands which needless to say are in need of a good manicure! I digress. I used my mini-double hole punch for the laces (which was too small and had to be punched a second time but very close to the first set of holes so it didn't look weird) I ran the "yarn" through and then tied the bow. The next morning the kids LOVED them (actually I believe the word AWESOME was used) so it makes all the sore fingers worth it!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to some scrappin' and organization. Found some very cute things today at World Market that might assist in the organization so I'm pretty excited to get started. Happy Wednesday to you all!

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