Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking the Plunge!

So, I did it! I decided to "re-think" my organization strategy. I am a thinker. I don't want to start anything without a plan, a very thought-out plan. And, since I'd been doing it the same way FOREVER, and it was relatively working well, why change? Well, first off, I'm not cropping quite as often outside of the house. Second, I got this great new furniture which makes organizing "fun" (if that's even possible, which for some of us is) Thirdly, it was just time to take a "risk" (of the milder version)

We all know chaos comes before organization - surely it does here!

Buttons of all sizes (and colors) Which one of my followers knows this dilema: sort by color, by size, by color and size? Too many choices!

And I discovered I don't like to remove items from their original package unless I'm ready to toss it - anyone else that way? So, in some ways I made changes and in some places I just couldn't do it yet. The baskets help me color code what's inside - white basket has black & white ribbon while the green one has greens, etc. The brightly colored box that I received a gift in has all the ones that currently don't fit clearly in a color scheme.

So, I apologize for my O.C.D. ranting but this was just my process and I'm sure some of you do it too!

And all the madness creates pretty, thoughtful cards to hopefully encourage someone and brighten their day, which in the end, is worth it ALL!

Hope you are having a happy day and know I am thinking of you today too!
p.s. - I am looking for layouts to inspire me for a layout about myself - if you see one or know of one you like please let me know! Thanks:)

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