Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hubby Love!

My husband doesn't read my blog (or at least he doesn't unless he happens to be standing over my shoulder as I'm posting it - which right now he is soundly sleeping) So I feel free to share without appearing too mushy. My husband IS NOT a read-for-fun kind of guy!!! I have NEVER in 13.5 years of marriage seen him read a book - EVER! If it is a spa manual, a TV instruction manual, and annually a midnight read of toy instructions just before Christmas Day - then maybe.

However, we recently went on a business trip to Sarasota and were looking to bring home "surprises" for our children. This happened to be books - school has started again and they need to be reading - plus i want them to love it (or at least like it more than their father does.) Anyway, we found a book for Mason (finding age appropriate books for boys is about as difficult as finding age appropriate clothes for girls) Anyway, it was by John Grisham but it was supposed to be for kids. We decided someone needed to read it first:

and low and behold - David did it! He read for three days solid at bedtime until he finished it. It was a lengthy book and he would laugh outloud which I love. And I love him for stepping outside his "comfort zone" to look out for his child! He's such a great husband and father!

Hope to be back next week with some crafty stuff - working on a couple of projects and hopefully a bit of sewing - hopefully!

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