Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafty Memo Board - NO SEW!

So, this project has been 1/2 done for at least a month - pitiful, I know! However, today has brought with it an attitude which requires all things unfinished to at least be attempted. This is a very easy project, with no sewing! Just some straight pins and a glue gun (that I remembered I forgot to turn off - be right back!)

This isn't an exact tutorial but I think you'll get the jist of how to do this (assuming you want to!)

SUPPLIES: Foam board cut to desired size, adhesive spray, batting, straight pins, hot glue gun, misc. buttons, thread and ribbon (one for the cross pieces and one for the "hanger") I used less than one roll for each items.

Begin by spraying the board with adhesive on one side and applying the batting to it. Once that is set, cover the board with your desired fabric. I used straight pins to keep the fabric on the board and tight. The number of pins depends on your level of OCD - I obviously used quite a few! ha! Scroll down to the next photo to see the corners and back for reference - sorry they are out of order.

Once you have the front adhered you could easily apply the ribbon and hang it but for a more finished look I added the criss-cross pieces and the buttons. Since there is batting it looks a bit "quilted"

I hot glued the tied bow to the ribbon hanger because the ribbon is one sided and I didn't want too much of the white showing. If you had a double-sided ribbon this step could probably be eleminated.
I am hoping for an old-fashioned hook at some point but for now a standard nail will have to do! Hope you like it!

Have a great weekend and do something fun - mine will be filled with soccer games and a birthday party for my sweet niece Taylor! (Oh and this reminds me it's my brother's birthday too - better not forget that!)

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