Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost No Sew Project

Sew to continue on my theme of Teacher Apprec. (mini-version) I wanted to do a banner. those are so trendy right now, right? but i didn't have a ton of time. here's what i used: bandana of choice (ours are school colors) wonder under, felt, and a role of ribbon. of course your sewing machine. you could actually even use brads to attach the penants together for a whole diffrerent look.

first i adhered the wonder under to the felt. then i cut out a letter template with my cricut and traced it to the back side of the felt. (tip: make sure if your letter is side specific and you don't want it on backwards, trace it backwards and then flip it over before adhering it to penant) I cut my penants with a sharp pair of fabric scissors - no real measuring here. i cut the first one and then used it as a "rough" template for the rest. then i decided on the order of the penants, adhered the letter and then ran one long stitch.

i am not very good at explaining these things but it was really easy and i know most of you could figure it out just by seeing the photos. The teachers were impressed and here it is displayed at school in the teacher eating area.

If you try it, let me know!

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