Monday, September 20, 2010

All I Want for Christmas....

is my two front teeth! At least that's what he's hoping to be singing! This was nothing short of drama. For a solid week he whined, cried, was petrified to lose his tooth. He almost skipped out on Big Kahuna's the last time because he was afraid he would lose it in the water, swallow it, or God forbid . . . it might hurt for a second - ugh!
Well, last Sunday morning while eating his cinnamon roll - it came out! He was just as excited as he had been scared!!! I love this kid:) He is all heart - good or bad. He hasn't a care in the world but yet is so sensitive. He shared his money and used part of it for "junk" food at school. He's not worried about saving it or using it in the future. It's the here and now. Sometimes I wish I could be more like this, sometimes.

He wasn't in his birthday suit but was sporting some undies here - meant to edit it but couldn't and still keep the tooth in there. Though the loss of the first tooth changes them from a baby forever, I am excited about what his future brings.
See you soon with my apple cupcake saga.....

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