Sunday, September 19, 2010

The new "normal" -

So often I find myself in a routine. I like a routine. Clearly a little too much because I am struggling with this new "normal" I once said to my pastor - "I just want my family to be normal" I meant: get along, enjoy each other, tease without offending, those types of things. His response: "you are normal" By this he meant we are all dysfunctional to a degree. Sometimes I remember this and it always makes me rest a bit easier.

Lately my life has taken some turns...some changes. Not huge changes.. just alot of small changes. The largest is the "part-time" job of substitute teaching. I enjoy it (most days) and I particularly enjoy receiving great reviews which is probably why I continue (that and I want a few things here and there - ha!) Anyway, I am adjusting to this..some days better than others. One day last week I didn't do so was my Dad's birthday.. and I remembered it ahead of time but not the day of!!!! HORRIBLE (to use one of Braden's robust vocab. words) So I had to make up for it, spend a bit more maybe than normal and I made him a card. I sure hope he liked it and I tried to remind him that this was in no way an indication of my lack of love for him and I sure hope he believes me:( Here is the card I made.

Used some great goodies I got back when we went to Sarasota at a LSS and just couldn't wait to use them (a month later) The paper is standard. Tabs are October Afternoon (LOVE!!) and the alphas are stamped and K&Co.

See how "not normal" my life is - look at all these goodies and I hadn't touched a one of them. Maybe soon, real soon!

Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to hear your experience with a new "normal"

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