Sunday, September 26, 2010

"You've been pretty crafty today!"

Was the direct quote from my child yesterday as I was on project #2 (which was her skirt) Project #1 isn't finished due to insufficient supplies - ugh!

This was very simple! Seriously! I found some fat quarters at Hobby Lobby that were fall colors and coordinated (so I don't have to do that part) and that's pretty much the only supply. I did add the grosgrain ribbon as a ruffle as an after thought and I had that from my fall wreath from the previous post left over. Love it when that happens!

Anyway, I cut each quarter into equal strips and then decided which order I wanted them in. I just sewed each section together. Once all of the pieces were sewn together I made a "pocket" for the elastic to go through and finished the top off very simply. I gather the ribbon (kind of a chore) and then attached it as my finishing touch.

Our model was VERY EXCITED to have this! and that make this mommy VERY EXCITED! I did this in less than 1/2 a day and between football games, cooking dinner, laundry, etc. Due to the simple nature it didn't require a ton of dedicated thought process.

Hope this inspired you to do something fun and crafty. The whole skirt cost less than probably $8 - that is cool, very cool!

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