Saturday, September 11, 2010

The First Sign...

is the last sign ... Last Saturday is the last time we'll see this sign until next summer which is one sign that summer is "officially"over:( We made several trips this summer to Big Kahuna's and were excited to have Melissa and the girls join us for the last half of the summer. Here are a few shots from our "farewell" visit.

She loves to ride but this day she was way more into the book that Daddy had previewed (see previous post for more info)

Taylor loved the "whale" which is part of the kiddie area and is a collection of slides. Loved catching her from "behind the bush"

The frog! Oh my, due to all the water and our previous locations I was never able to get a good shot of this - one of Taylor and Tori's original favorite spots is this frog slide - can't you just imagine why.

Clearly not up for the camera but SUPER CUTE anyway!

This trip Uncle Bryan graced us with his presence - and although rare - we did get a semi-smile out of him and the group in the wave pool.

Sweet eyes!

So clearly these days take it out of us all - however, this is the first time he has EVER fallen asleep at the water park. I knew he didn't feel well and has been suffering with a cold ever since. Love that the bag of popcorn is still tightly within his grasp.

So, until next year we say farewell to Big Kahuna's - It was fun while it lasted!!!!

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