Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The face of the earth ~

is still squarely beneath my feet! I haven't fallen off - deep into the abyss - though it feels like it some days! We have just been crazy and I seem more distracted than ever with regards to some things. I have done some crafting but it was for my customer so not really share-able. Here is what I'm thinking right now:

I really need to be at home today: not headed to the dr. office for a possible case of strep!

I want to do something fun but am so exhausted I can't see straight to figure out what that is.

Wish I didn't feel the financial strain of life right now - medical bills (see photos to below for reference), a broken over (who knows how much that will cost) AND and empending gum surgery for myself. Can anybody say thank goodness for a Christmas savings account or Lord knows that would be added to that list!

I want to make a tablecloth and napkins for the fall season but see reference to $ strain above.

school seems to be kicking my behind trying to keep them all organized. the teachers are more organized than previous experiences which makes the parents (me) feel that my ducks need to be more tightly in their row.

Well enough rambling - I would share a few other photos except I can't get my camera open to get the card out - hoping my stronger hubby can handle that for me in a bit. Below I posted a few phone pics we took of Mason while he was so pitifully suffering in the hospital - that's all I got for now due to camera issues. hopefully i'll see ya back here REAL soon!

Isn't that face just pitiful - trying to smile but not working so well:)

Love ya all!

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