Friday, August 20, 2010

What we'd do .....

to not have to eat our brussell sprouts! This was one night at dinner where I insisted they eat their brussell sprouts (only 3 mindyou) but they (Abbi &Braden) fussed and fussed. Finally I said, "If you stand on your head for 60 secs. you don't have to eat them." Thinking ahead as mother's do, I knew they couldn't do it. Well, their clever father shows them this way - thanks Daddy! Just a glimpse of what goes on in our home at dinner time!

These are my two projects in waiting: I have been trying to find something productive to do with these glass jars since I am becoming more "green" I decided the other day that the Starbucks coffee (which is my children's, not mine!) bottle will store sweet treats for them while in the Parent Resource Room. The small pickle jar will be for pens/pencils. Super excited that I found something that I needed that I can use these for.
What container have you recycled and what are you using it for - would love to see it! Headed to a crop so hope to have some goodies to share real soon. Happy Weekend:)

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