Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not there yet - but close!

Slowly but surely, it'll happen? I'm sure one day I'll wake up with "nothing" to do - but for now, we're not there yet. Conversation yesterday between the sons: Braden: "But Mommy, you don't even like scrapbooking anymore." Mason: "No, she still likes it, she just hasn't had the time lately to do it." Oh how true - out of the mouth of babes! I do still LOVE it - but it clearly has taken a backseat to my other duties.

School started (duh) and we are SUPER excited about our new colors. Officially they are royal blue and kelly green (&white) but our wonderful principal said "any shade of blue and any shade of green" so we are going to town with that! Here is our hairbow for Abbi (unfortunately we haven't found a royal blue shirt for her yet - they were all gone! But she can't wait to wear this one Mommy made. Favorite parts were the buttons - loving the embellishments.

(Photo isn't so great but you get the point)

Here is teacher "gift" I made with our new colors - a lanyard! Relatively easy and inexpensive - she loved it! (at least that's what she said)

SOOO love this color combination!

And to end off our summer we made one more trip to Big Kahuna's - would say last trip but I'm hoping that's not the case - hint, hint! Here is Miss Tori after her nap. She just looks like a grown-up in a baby girl's body - sweet.

Here was the highlight of the day when Taylor discovered she did like the big kid slides - I think Braden's positive peer pressure did the trick - she couldn't done this thing a million times. Unfortunately, the large levels of water spraying "everywhere" was not camera friendly. Maybe next time we'll take a water camera?

And, first day at Deerpoint - WOOOHOOO! We are all beyond excited! It was a great day - they even got to have a snowball fight (wadded up pieces of paper = but it's Florida, the closest they'll get to know for a while)

So now it's back to parent duties, Involvement Team duties, and church duties - TTFN!

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