Saturday, August 7, 2010

Return to Normal? Maybe? PLEASE!!!

So I'm hoping the sheer fact that I am blogging today is a sign that some resemblance of normal is returning (taking it's sweet time unfortunately!) This was Braden's first piano lesson - he was RIDICULOUSLY excitied and could barely contain himself. I wish I could capture his energy with a shot but I didn't want to get in the way either.

But I did however capture this, his feet dangling because he's too small to touch the floor yet. Daddy loves these kind of shots (not that I don't) but this one was for Dad!

I plan on getting alot of stuff done later today, some for post, and some not. Hope to be more regular as we return to school (SUPER EXCITED!)

We are moving to Deerpoint Elementary this year and couldn't be more thrilled. All the teachers and especially the principal have been so welcoming - so much so that I was welcomes as the President of the Parent Involvement Team! HUH? Anyway, every excited and just can hardly believe school is starting. So much (good and bad) has happened this summer which I won't bore you with but I say "Bring on the Boring!"

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