Monday, August 16, 2010

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon!

O.K. - so remember all that ribbon (see post below in case you missed it) and remember the "we are excited about our new school and it's fantastic color combo"? Well here is another great hairbow I made for Abbi. Please pardon the yucky pics - I didn't intend on a "tutorial" when I started this project and the lighting in my office stinks for this at night time. Anyway, here we go:

We started out with the bottom piece of ribbon and cut it in half. Then we folded it over itself and "scrunched" in with craft wire. I was afraid if I hot glued it the glue would be stiff and not "scrunch"

This is what one of the pieces looks like:

Here's where the not planning the tutorial before hand comes into play: missed a few steps and had to combine them all in this one. I placed both individual pieces on top of each other and then wired them together. Then I hot glued them together onto the barrette. Lastly I hotglued the contrasting ribbon to the barrette and wrapped it around and re-secured it with hot glue again.

Here is the final product - hope she likes it!

Please, oh, please let my next post include a layout - I really think I need that! Have a great week everybody!

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