Saturday, August 21, 2010

Penguins & Martha Love:

Crazy title, I know, but it got your attention didn't it? I love how life can be so random - one minute we're engrossed in one thing and the next minute - something totally different. Doesn't mean we aren't focused - it just means we are multi-taskers!

Today I took a picture of a piece of our lives right now (and maybe yours too) Silly Bands! Today, I found a penguin in my washer - yes, that's right, a penguin. He's not black and white, living in the arctic, he's all white living in my child's pockets:) And as I emptied the washer found about 20 more of these jewels - at least they didn't make it to the dryer, that could've been a mess for sure.

Next is my affection for Martha - I have been stalking this border punch for a WHILE after seeing on several blogs (particularly Stephanie Howell) and I just wanted it - so I saved my coupon for 40% off and now it's mine! I've already used it on two projects and have barely had it a week. The other punch was the butterfly. These are everywhere right now on everything and my next goal is to get one a step bigger! Most of this card is GCD Melody Ross stuff and the ribbon is an older LYB.

Thanks for stopping by! Life is a bit busy right now - I substituted at Bozeman on Thursday pm and Friday. It was such an eye-opener and I am so grateful for my children and their health (mentally and physically) and I pray it continues. Apparently I was so engrossed in "teaching" math that I didn't notice the administrator or the speech person as they passed through the room - kinda embarrassing but they were pleased with the work so I might be at that school more than I had anticipated - eeekk!
Next week is Recognition Night for our classes on Wednesday night which is a big event for me since I am responsible for the reception - yikes! It's not a new thing it's just very important to me and I want it to be perfect (I know you ladies can appreciate that) Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to balance it all so it doesn't come crashing down around me?!?
Happy rest of the weekend:)

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