Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorta kinda but not exactly...

So I know I said I wanted to work on the window frame BUUUTTT...this little thing called Tropical Storm Debby put a little kabosh on anything that requires outdoor painting.  Sooo, we moved on to the next thing on my "to Do" list which was this amazing wreath. 

So, as usual, things on paper don't extactly turn out the same in real life!  I did the best I could with supplies I already had on hand (minus the wreath base and "buttons") and here is the process:

Hobby Lobby only had the straw and the styrofoam and the styrofoam was like 3x the price, so straw it was.

I already had all the fabrics from my dear friend Lisa's shower (thanks Lisa & Joshua!) so I began by cutting the strips - approx 14x6 inches. Depending on the size of the wreath you may need more or less than me - I think I used eight of the burlap and eight of the gingham.  You could also use more or less depending on how wide you cut them.  This is where the "kinda sorta but not exactly" comes in - it is a personal thing - a trial and error - make it up as you go!

The tutorial I read said to cover the wreath - I did that but I don't really think it was necessary.  All I had in patriotic basics was a blue sheer and the hot glue didn't really hold as well as I would have liked.

To ruffle the burlap, I just used one of the strings, about the 6th one down and pulled.  Easy enough.  For the gingham of course I had to use my machine but that wasn't tough at all.

I just glued down one ruffle, then the next and so on.

When I had 75% of the wreath covered I begin the "cool" part - denim!  I had an old pair of jeans that didnt fit David and had been waiting to use them for something cool.  I cut the front leg on one side (that was all I needed) and saved the rest of the pants for a later craft.

I cut the leg in three strips and began wrapping and glueing.  I wrapped until I felt things looked tidy and secure and all "seams" were covered up.

Lastly, I glued on the sparkly silver buttons for the stars and it's now on my front door! I love it and am so grateful to Ms. Debby for providing a rain filled to day to do nothing but craft:)
  NOTE*** - Glue guns can be hazardous to your health!!! Use with great caution and don't be a knuckle head and touch the glue just after applying.  It results in wretched burns on fingertips and other body parts (I won't tell you where else I have a burn in order to uphold my crafty reputation!)

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